Oversized Innovation

Accent Walls

Create a staple piece in your home with a large format porcelain accent wall. Add an accent wall in your bedroom, bathroom, living space, or even outside.


Tie it all together with your porcelain countertop, by incorporating the backsplash too. It creates a simple, modern feel to any design.


Craft your kitchen or bathroom with trendsetting, share-worthy design. Whether you choose natural, marble, or a solid porcelain countertop these looks are guaranteed to be a show-stopper.


Give your fireplace a fresh look with porcelain slabs. A seamless style that will draw attention in any space. There are several different design options when it comes to using porcelain with fireplaces.


Use any sturdy piece of furniture to transform it into a gorgeous, modern-looking style. The porcelain will simply cover the existing material, or can be created from scratch. Furniture can range from dining room table, desks, and even coffee tables.

Outdoor Surfaces

Porcelain is a very versatile material. Not only is it great for interior, but it is also just as durable for exterior use. Porcelain will sustain weather conditions and is highly scratch resistant.

Porcelain Pavers

Use porcelain as pavers for an exquisite outdoor look! Highly weather resistant, cold matter the temperature outside, and much more added benefits to using porcelain pavers for your outdoor space.

Shower Walls

Transform your shower walls into a seamless look with porcelain. A low maintenance, beautiful shower with no grout lines.